Our installations enable us to receive groups of up to 80 people. To each group, we offer a summary presentation of our company and our products. This activity is offered free of charge.

We also offer a sampling for a fee that can be adapted to every group's budget. Plan on approximately one hour for a visit with sampling.

For those who are interested, a visit of our installations, particularly our whey treatment facility, can be included in the visit. In such a case, it is necessary to allow for extra time for the visit.

Reservations are mandatory in each case for groups.



















Aux Terroirs

Points de vente

Développement durable


 Le Cendré des Grands-Jardins
 L’Emmental de Charlevoix
 L'Origine de Charlevoix
 Le 1608 de Charlevoix
 L'Hercule de Charlevoix
 Le Fleurmier de Charlevoix
 Le Vieux Charlevoix
 Le Cheddar Charlevoix
 La Fondue Emmental & Bière
 La Fondue Charlevoisienne
 Fondue Parmesan


 Maison Charles Simard
 Marché Public de Lévis


 Vache Jersey
 Vache Canadienne



 ÉCONOMUSÉE® du Fromage
 Vachement beau !
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 Salle de Presse
 Galerie Multimédias
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Aux Terroirs
Crédit illustrations : Philippe Cloutier   
Crédits photos : Frédéric Laroche, Robert Benoit, Philippe Cloutier, Mario Duchesne