Jersey Cow

The establishment of a herd of Jerseys at the STESSI farmwas the basis for the development of the “Hercule de Charlevoix” cheese. It is a first in Charlevoix, an exceptional case of a farmregainingits
activity. The milkproduced by the herdlocatedlessthan a kilometre from the airyisexclusivelydedicated to the manufacture of Hercule cheese.

A Jersey cow'smilkisricher in protein and in fat, and thischaracteristic brings us to describe the Jersey breed, justlike the Canadienne andAyrshirebreeds as cheesemakers, in that their characteristics are favorable to cheesemaking.



















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Crédit illustrations : Philippe Cloutier   
Crédits photos : Frédéric Laroche, Robert Benoit, Philippe Cloutier, Mario Duchesne