Methanizationas a treatment process
and energy source

Intent on diminishing it's environmental footprint, la Laiterie Charlevoix turned to an innovative waste water treatmentprocess that enables it to release 25 000 litres of water a day into the nearby La Mare river. The discharged water meets the most stringent standards for discharges in a natural environment.Whey constitutes the liquid residue of the transformation from milk to cheese and is characterized by a high organic content. Methanization is the transformation of this organic content into methane gas. The gas is burned to produce a reserve of hot water that is used for the whole of the cheeseproduction operations. This technology, widely used in Europe and recently introduced in Quebec, brings about important savings of heating oil.

Recovering the factory's waste and the associated energy production constitute two essential elements of the enterprise's sustainable development

This innovativeprojectenabled us to obtain a Mercuriadeprize in the SMB SustainableDevelopmentcategory in 2012.

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