The Charlevoix agricultural region differs from other Quebec regions by its geographic location and climate. Several farms are located at altitude and the surfaces that can be farmed are not large, which does not favour extensive agriculture.

Over the last years, several dairy farms quit their activities. Alarmed by the long-term consequences of this situation, our business reacted by offering young farmers an approach that is different from traditional agriculture.

To take advantage of our region's weaknesses and in line with the PronovostReport on the future of agriculture in Quebec, we offered them producer-transformer partnerships that allow young farmers to make a living on a smaller-sized farm and are better adapted to the conditions that prevail in the Charlevoix region.

Presently, we are paying a premium to 4 farmers, one with Jersey cows, and 3 with Canadienne breed cows. This premium allows them to operate a smaller herd all the while remaining profitable.

Thus, when customers buy l'Hercule, le 1608 or l'Origine de Charlevoix cheeses, they contribute to the preservation of the dairy agriculture in Charlevoix



















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Crédit illustrations : Philippe Cloutier   
Crédits photos : Frédéric Laroche, Robert Benoit, Philippe Cloutier, Mario Duchesne